Egg Yellow Apple Green
Lemon Yellow Pea Green
Strawberry Red Raspberry Red
Tomato Red Orange Red
Chocolate Brown Rose Pink
Sr. No. Food Colour Description
1 Tartrazine Tartrazine, a synthetic lemon yellow AZO dye that perceives its use as a food coloring agent in products like desserts, confectionery, cake mixes, soft drinks, flavored snacks, spreads, condiments, processed foods and others.
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2 Sunset Yellow Sunset Yellow, a synthetic yellow AZO dye is suitable in fermenting foods requiring heat treatment as it comes with pH-dependent maximum absorbance limit between 480nm to 500nm. Also, helps in composing colours with various combinations with amaranth.
3 Carmoisine Carmoisine, a synthetic red AZO dye is suitable for food, medicines and cosmetics as it comes with a melting point of more than 300C. Being soluble in water contains NN & CC, chromophore groups.
4 Ponceau 4R Ponceau 4R, a synthetic red AZO dye is suitable for a variety of food products, synthetic colourant and food colouring agent made in combination with sodium chloride as a principal component and other subsidiary components.
5 Brilliant Blue FCF Brilliant Blue consists of toluene, sulfonate, disodium, and other combination of sulfonic acids for colouring with isomers.
6 Indigo Carmine Indigo Carmine consists of a mixture of disodium, disulphonate, and other subsidiary colouring matters as a principal component. Also includes 5 organic compounds as a base.
7 Quinoline Yellow Quinine Yellow, a food dye or additive developed by using the oragnic and subsidiary components like monosulfonate, disulphonate, trisulphonate and other acids.
8 Fast Red E Fast Red E, consists mainly of disodium, sulfonate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and other subsidiary colouring matters.
9 Allura Red Allura Red, as a sodium salt consists of disodium and supported by the subsidiary component & varied organic compound for food coloring matter.
10 Chocolate Brown Ht Chocolate Brown HT, a food additive mainly consists of disodium as well as other subsidiary & organic components.
11 Erythrosine Erythrosine, food dye consists of benzoate monohydrate, disodium, as well subsidiary like sodium sulphate which works as a principal component other than food colouring.
12 Amaranth Amaranth consists of trisodium, naphthalene, disulfonate and another organic component for a mixture.
13 Black PN Black PN, food additive also described as sodium salt consists of naphthalene as well as sodium chloride and other relevant organic compounds.
14 Patent Blue V Patent Blue V, the synthetic dye also known as Sulphan Blue and being used as food colour and additive comes in varying colours depending upon pH value with the appearance of mostly violet powder. Suitable in medicines as well as x-ray contrast.
15 Red 2G Red 2G, food additive and synthetic dye find its suitability in water as well as ethanol and applies to paper, crepe paper, coatings, ink, fine tissue and staining in histology. Commonly used in food, pharma and cosmetic industries in black and granular form.
16 Green S Green S, food dye or additive mainly consists of sodium as a subsidiary colouring matter in the combination of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. Even sodium salt as an organic compound.
17 Egg Yellow Give any sweet treat a pop of egg yellow color without imparting any additional unwanted flavor with this food coloring. The vibrant yellow color is perfect for use with piping gel, icing, or fondant to create the look of sunflowers, balloons, borders, and more for your decorated sheet cakes.
18 Lemon Yellow A beautiful color bright yellow food coloring to the water-soluble powder that will fit all your needs creative baking.
19 Strawberry Red Natural Food Colors give soft and pastel colors to pastry creations. Due to natural pigments in our Natural Food Colors, they can give a slight taste to your pastry, macaron, cream in strawberry red flavor
20 Tomato Red Tomato Red food colour is extracted from various species of plants and used in making health supplements also used for bakeries and confectionery. While processing this food colour, we make sure that the natural characteristics remain the same during the extraction process.
21 Chocolate Brown Chocolate brown food coloring to the water-soluble powder fits all your need for creative baking.
22 Apple Green Apple green food colouring powder soluble in water is ideal for creating coloured dessert decorations and confectionery. Water-soluble concentrated food color Apple Green in powder for sugar work, pastry, macarons, cream, etc
23 Pea Green We manufacture and supply premium quality Pea Green Food colour. This food color is known across worldwide for its quality, non-toxicity, a purity, solubility, and accurate composition.
24 Raspberry Red Raspberry red color is processed using the optimum grade ingredients under hygienic. Our offered color is renowned for its scrumptious taste, easy digestion and quality.
25 Orange Red Orange Red Food Color is used mainly in bakery, confectionery, cakes, flavored milk, sharbats and sweets, household food preparation and other all edible preparations.
26 Rose Pink Rose Pink Food Colour gives an pretty rose pink colour to icings, desserts, bakery and confectionery

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