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Acid dyes are highly large water-soluble dyes having better light-fastness than basic dyes on fibers but mordanting them will improve the overall properties of the dye which further takes positive charge development within the fiber in acid solutions and acts as a driving force for dye diffusion and migration into the fiber while being dyed. They also contain one or more sulfuric or carboxylic acid salt functional groups. Acid dyes are mainly efficient for protein fibers such as silk, wool, nylon and modified acrylics.

We are a renowned manufacturer of acid dyes based in Gujarat, India. Our company is actively involved in the pursuit of delivering the most precise acid dyes that can be used for a broad range of applications. As a leading acid dyes manufacturer and supplier in  India, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Goa, Gujarat. we deliver optimum product quality for achieving the best results. We are also involved in the commercial production of acid dyes.
As a trusted acid dyes supplier in India, we choose to work with the choicest acetic, vinegar and sulfuric acid components to produce our acid dyes. So if you are looking to find acid dyes exporters in India, do get in touch with us at Red Sun Dye Chem and we can provide you with the finest quality acid dyes that you can buy at market leading price. Acid dyes sound scary to some novices, who imagine that the dyes are strong acids. The dyes are non-toxic, and are named for the mild acid used in the dyeing process, and for the types of bonds they form to the fiber. Acid dyes are used in dyeing leather, paper and their particular value lies in their ability to produce brighter or more uniform colours.

Product NameC.I. NameC.I. No.CAS No.0.5%2%4%
Acid Yellow 2GAcid Yellow 17189656359-98-4
Acid Yellow NAcid Yellow 23191401934-21-0
Acid Metanil YellowAcid Yellow 3613065587-98-4
Acid Fast Yellow MRAcid Yellow 42229106375-55-9
Acid Florcsceine UranineAcid Yellow 7345350518-47-8
Acid Yellow GRAcid Yellow 991390010343-58-5
Acid Yellow 5GNAcid Yellow 11012220-74-5
Acid Yellow 142
Acid Yellow RLAcid Yellow 194
Acid Yellow E-4RLAcid Yellow 1991420570865-20-2
Acid Orange IIAcid Orange 715510633-96-5
Acid Orange RRAcid Orange 8155755850-86-2
Acid Light Fast Orange GAcid Orange 10162301936-15-8
Acid Orange GAcid Orange 54
Acid Orange SGAcid Orange 56228956470-20-8
Acid Orange RLAcid Orange 14261901-39-1 / 55809-98-8
Acid Fast Red 2GAcid Red 11180503734-67-6
Acid Crimson RedAcid Red 4147105858-39-9
Acid Red BAcid Red 14147203567-69-9
Acid Scarlet 3RAcid Red 18162552611-82-7
Acid Fuchine Red 2AAcid Red 33172003567-66-6
Acid Red 3717045
Acid Scarlet MOOAcid Red 73272905413-75-2
Acid Fast Red AAcid Red 88156201658-56-6
Acid Milling Scarlet GAcid Red 972289010169-02-5
Acid Maroon VAcid Red 11926208512220-20-1 / 70210-06-9
Acid Red 3BNAcid Red 13112234-99-0
Acid Red F2RAcid Red 151269006406-56-0
Acid Red BRSAcid Red 182
Acid Red BRSAcid Red 183
Acid Violet Brown BAcid Red 184
Acid Pink MAcid Red 186
Acid  Pink BEAcid Red 195
Acid Red 3371710212270-02-9
Acid Violet 4BSAcid Violet 17426404129-84-4
Acid Violet 4BSAcid Violet 49426401694-09-3
Acid Patent Blue VSAcid Blue 142045129-17-9
Acid Patent Blue ASAcid Blue 7420803486-30-4
Brillint Blue FCFAcid Blue 9420902650-18-2
Acid Blue 93
Acid Fast Navy Blue SSRAcid Blue 113263603351-05-1
Acid Blue 2GAcid Blue 158148806370-08-7
Acid Black 10BXAcid Black 1204701064-48-8
Acid Black 52157115610-64-0
Acid Black 168
Acid Black 19461931-02-0
Acid Black NAcid Black 21030028599576-15-5
Acid Black NBRAcid Black 23430028599576-15-5
Acid Brown 14
Acid Brown 75349058011-86-7
Acid Brown 85
Acid Brown 16561724-14-9
Acid Brown 28212219-65-7
Acid Brown 315
Acid Brown 35560181-77-3
Acid Brown 422126851-39-6
Acid Brown 425119509-49-8
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