Direct Dyes

Product NameC.I. NameC.I. No.CAS No.0.5%2%4%
Direct Yellow 3GXDirect Yellow 6400011325-38-8
Direct Chrysophenine GDirect Yellow 12248952870-32-8
Direct Fast Yellow RLDirect Yellow 862932550925-42-3
Direct Yellow RCHDirect Yellow 99
Direct Fast Orange SEDirect Orange 26291503626-36-6
Direct Orange Light Fast TGLL (R)Direct Orange 39402151325-54-8
Direct Bordeaux 6BDirect Red 16276808/7/6227
Direct Scarlet 4BSDirect Red 23291603441-14-3
Direct Fast Red 12BDirect Red 31291005001-72-9
Direct Red 3BDirect Red 80357802610-10-8
Direct Red 5BLDirect Red 81281602610-11-9 / 12237-71-7
Direct Pink CMDirect Red 22712222-51-4
Direct Scarlet 6BSDirect Red 23960202-35-9
Direct Blue GLLDirect Blue 71341404399-55-7
Direct Blue 86741801330-38-7
Direct Blue 19974190
Direct Black BLDirect Black 22354356473-13-8
Direct Black 80316008003-69-8

Direct dye, also called Substantive Dye or anionic dyes, water-soluble azo class compound that have an affinity to adhere to the fabric molecules without help from other chemicals with substantively for cellulosic fibers and a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. Direct dyes are usually cheap and can be easily applied to cotton, linen, rayon, paper, silk, nylon, leather and wool which further yield bright colors with wash-fastness that is poor but may be improved by after-treatment. Most packaged dyes sold for home use are direct dyes.