Direct dyes, also called Substantive Dye or anionic dyes, water-soluble compound that have an affinity to adhere to the fabric molecules without help from other chemicals with substantively for cellulose fibers and a class of dyestuffs that are applied directly to the substrate in a neutral or alkaline bath. Direct dyes are usually cheap and can be easily applied to cotton, linen, rayon, paper, silk, nylon, leather and wool which further yield bright colors with wash-fastness that is poor but may be improved by after-treatment. Most packaged dyes sold for home use are direct dyes.

The name ‘direct dye’ alludes to the fact that these dyes do not require any form of ‘fixing’. They are almost always azo dyes, with some similarities to acid dyes. The Colours of direct dyes are more usual than those provided by fiber and the wash fastness is poor – expect anything dyed with them to ‘bleed’ forever. The one advantage is that direct dyes may be more light fast, that is, resistant to fading in the light. They lack the dependability of the cold water fiber which most serious dyers prefer for use on cellulose fibers, but in some cases they have advantages that make their use worthwhile.

Without an appropriate after-treatment, direct dyes bleed a little with every washing, losing their brightness and endangering other clothes washed in the same load. However, there are special after-treatments which may be used to solve this problem. We can also perform additional treatment on these dyes so that they do not bleed after the garments have been washed. We use the perfect combination of chemicals for making our direct dyes so that you can have optimum output from them. So, make sure that you consult us at Red Sun Dye Chem when you are looking to find direct dyes exporters  in USA, UK, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa in India.
Product Name C.I. Name C.I. No. CAS No. 0.5% 2% 4%
Direct Yellow 3GX Direct Yellow 6 40001 1325-38-8
Direct Chrysophenine G Direct Yellow 12 24895 2870-32-8
Direct Fast Yellow RL Direct Yellow 86 29325 50925-42-3
Direct Yellow RCH Direct Yellow 99
Direct Fast Orange SE Direct Orange 26 29150 3626-36-6
Direct Orange Light Fast TGLL (R) Direct Orange 39 40215 1325-54-8
Direct Bordeaux 6B Direct Red 16 27680 8/7/6227
Direct Scarlet 4BS Direct Red 23 29160 3441-14-3
Direct Fast Red 12B Direct Red 31 29100 5001-72-9
Direct Red 3B Direct Red 80 35780 2610-10-8
Direct Red 5BL Direct Red 81 28160 2610-11-9 / 12237-71-7
Direct Pink CM Direct Red 227 12222-51-4
Direct Scarlet 6BS Direct Red 239 60202-35-9
Direct Blue GLL Direct Blue 71 34140 4399-55-7
Direct Blue 86 74180 1330-38-7
Direct Blue 199 74190
Direct Black BL Direct Black 22 35435 6473-13-8
Direct Black 80 31600 8003-69-8

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