Product Name Erythrosine
Colour Shade Erythrosine
Synonyms Food Red – 14
Chemical Name Disodium 2-(2,4,5,7-Tetraiodo-3-oxido-6- Oxoxanthen- 9-yl) Benzoate monohydrate.
C.I. No 45430
C.I. Name Acid Red – 51
FDA Status FD&C Red – 3
CAS No. 16423-68-0
EINECS No. 240-474-8
Test EEC (Limit)
Total coloring matters calculated as the sodium salt percent by mass Min. 87
Water insoluble matter, percent by mass Max. 0.20
Combined ether extract, percent by mass Max. 0.20
Subsidiary coloring matters (except fluorescein) percent by mass Max. 4
Inorganic iodides calculated as sodium iodide percent by mass Max. 0.1
Fluorescein (mg/kg.) Max. 20
Organic compounds other than colouring matters, percent by mass
(b)2-(2,4-dihydroxy-3,5-diodobenzoyl) benzoic acid
Max. 0.20
Heavy metals as pb.(mg/kg.) Max. 40
Arsenic, (mg/kg.) Max. 3
Lead (mg/kg.) Max. 2
Mercury (mg/kg.) Max. 1
Cadmium (mg/kg.) Max. 1
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